Cambridge Nazareth Trust

Since its formation in 1984, CNT’s mission has been to advance the education of young people in the Holy Land of Palestine and Jordan. Working closely with the Latin Patriarchate, we have already been able to help provide for the needs of many students who would otherwise struggle to achieve an education. The Patriarchate is responsible for 900 teachers and 15,000 students in 34 schools in Jordan and Palestine. in 2002, the Trust launched a special Education Sponsorship programme to direct your funds to the most needy schools of the Latin Patriarchate in Palestine and Jordan, to help students to build a better future for themselves and their generation. In order to provide targeted assistance, the Trust agreed to form special relationships with theFuheis school in Jordan, the Amman Hashimi school, also in Jordan, and the Beit Sahour School in Palestine. We were delighted, however, when (at the end of 2004) Fr Hanna let us know that the Fuheis school had become able to support itself entirely from student fees and other resources. We have, since then, redirected the funds that had been earmarked for Fuheis to Zerka Nord school, which is located in a very poor area in Jordan’s second largest town. A project to provide a new computer suite there for school students and young adults was completed in December, 2005.

To enhance communication and understanding between teachers and students in England and the Holy Land, the Trust sponsored a “Twin Schools” programme between Thomas Aquinas Primary School in Bletchley and the Amman Hashimi School.

CNT has chosen since 2001 to support the schools of the Latin Patriarchate, whose greatest needs are increasingly to help families pay their school fees and to provide modern computing equipment. Unless fees are paid teachers cannot be paid, nor can adequate resources be provided, and if this continues schools will close. We stress computing facilities because they help to give the children access to a wider world and are now an essential aid to learning.

Please appeal in your local parish, or at your local school, for funds to help support those in the Holy Land. CNT’s income is not high, amounting to just over £60,000 per annum for the last two years, and we maintain only very minimal reserves – everything we receive is passed on to support the children of the Holy Land. We are particularly concerned that the general deterioration of the national and world economy has resulted in a falling trend in our income for the current year, resulting in our having to reduce our support to some of “our” schools. Since May 2002, as a result of your generosity, we have sent over £475,000 to the Latin Patriarch. I would like to be able to tell the Patriarch later this year that we can again offer more help. My best wishes to you all for 2009. Please remember the children of The Holy Land in your prayers and know that they are extremely grateful for your help.

For further information on the Latin Patriarchate schools, you can visit their website at