Parish Pilgrimages

We are a Pilgrim People! One of the greatest ways of celebrating our Christian Faith is by going on pilgrimage with like-minded people. A week spent in a totally Christian environment does us the world of good. It deepens our faith and practice of prayer; it re-enforces our resolve to be true witnesses of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives; and it allows us the privilege of making and maintaining new friendships, not only with fellow pilgrims but also the wonderful people we meet on the way.

Since 2007 we have been making an annual pilgrimage to the Mother Church of Christianity in Jerusalem.

These pilgrimages have been eye-openers for many: times of joy, peace, deep devotion as well as sadness and frustration. We go to visit our Christian brothers and sisters in that land made “holy” by the life, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have a special affinity with the Parish of Taybeh with whom we are twinned.

The Peace Lamp is one of many ideas of Taybeh’s former parish priest Abouna Raed! He wanted every church throughout the world to have this lamp – to draw attention and prayer for unity, for peace and harmony among all of God’s people who claim Abraham as our Father in Faith.

For a Booking Form for the 2017 Pilgrimage please click below;

Those who are coming from parishes from outside the Diocese of East Anglia will need to provide a letter of recommendation from your Parish Priest.