June 2020

29 June: Govnt. guidance on places of worship from 4 July

28 June: The parish newsletter

25 June: New Guidance for the Celebration of Mass

24 June: Message from archbishops on the re-opening of churches

24 June: Cardinal Nichols welcomes the re-opening of churches on 4 July

23 June: Pope adds three new invocations to the Litany of Loreto

21 June: Parish newsletter

19 June: World Youth Day (Panama 2019) magazine available for download

18 June: Good Counsel Network day of fasting on 23 June

18 June: New Vatican document on safeguarding creation

14 June: Parish newsletter

11 June: Letter on the re-opening of SPH for private prayer

5 June: Parish meeting minutes (26 v 2020)

4 June: National Masses for the sick (June & July)

3 June: St Paul in Acts, and other faith talks by Fr Adrian Graffy

3 June: A 20-minute survey on Covid-19, Church and Catholics

1 June: Links to children’s liturgy

1June: Parish newsletter