Latin Rite Catechism Classes

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Year 1 – is set out to teach the children the basics about God, creation and our place in it; to learn prayers and scripture stories and to participate in games and other character-building activities. Contact: Michele Hare (01223)500087                                                                          Email:
Year 2 – sets the standard a little higher and develops on what the children have learned in Year 1. It is the year they become introduced to the Sacraments of the Church as well as prayer and scripture. Contact: Anne Manning (01223) 880438                                                            Email:
Year 3  – this is the year when the children will prepare for and make their First Confession and First Holy Communion. The catechists rely on the children having been formed by Years 1 and 2 in order to bring them to a clear understanding about the real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and His Word.
Contact: Phoebe Vargas  (0779 689 3558)
Year 4 – is a year of further development and a deepening in understanding and faith from Year 3. We encourage parents to see this as a further step in keeping their children engaged in the Mysteries of God.
Contact: Lauren Des– Ruisseaux
Year 5 – continues the development and a deepening in understanding and faith and morality. The children in this age group will be needing more understanding about living according to Gospel values and understanding their own mission in the Church to be beacons of light to the world around them.
Contact: Carol Kelsall